August 23, 2016

Dreaming of a Sunroom

Our sun room at Lost Cay Cottage.
A sunroom in a house is the like icing on a cake...
with sprinkles.  
 A space full of light that allows you to enjoy the outside, literally twenty-four-seven, unencumbered by the elements.  We have a sunroom at Lost Cay Cottage. It's where we curl up on the sofa, have coffee in the morning, read a book in the afternoon, and have a glass of prosecco and chat in the evening.  All year long. It is, by far, my favorite room in either house!
We don't have the luxury of a sunroom here at Quarters One and that's ok,  I'm still working on the one we do have.
I'll share my coastal inspired mood board with you...

A little about the elements I'm dreaming of.
First things first, wall color! It always amazes me what a difference it can make. Although I have Revere Pewter (Ben Moore) on my board, our room is Jubilee (Sherwin Williams) both have the soothing effect I crave!

Lighting...I love this chandelier from Arhaus. It will hang in our day!

Chatelet Chandelier from Arhaus

 While chandeliers rule, lamps are just as important.  They can make or break the mood, even if the mood is just to read a good book in the waning light. 

A white comfy slipcovered sofa...and yes you can...are generally easy to clean and so easy to mix and match.  We have 4 of them and I wouldn't trade a one!

 Baldwin Slipcovered Sofa from Arhaus

 Upholstered or two for the company who will want to join you! I love slipcovered swivel chairs so these are!
Versatile coffee table...a pair of these rattan ottoman coffee tables are perfect to lay your coffee, your book, or your feet! 
Ottoman from
The distressed side table is a great extra space and can easily be moved where needed. You can find something similar just about anywhere.

A mirror...reflects light and always opens up a room.  Find a similar style from the inspiration board here. Our mirror, made of chipped corbels, also has a definite beach cottage vibe.

 A pop of color is always fun.  Art work and pillows are a great way to incorporate color in an neutral room. I love a hint of whimsy!

The pillow on my board is from Arhaus and the artwork is "Shake No. 3" from
 And neither last nor least..a comfy rug...a sunroom should say take your shoes off and enjoy..wiggle your toes and shake off your troubles...

I'll keep you updated on our sunroom progress...thank you for reading! 
With Gratitude,

Visit Arhaus for more wonderful ideas on decorating any room in your house!
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