August 10, 2018

Final Farewell

It ended pretty much as it began...
In 1982 we walked hand in hand off the field at Michie Stadium following Bill's graduation from West Point.
In 2018, 36 years later, we walked hand in hand out of the Army Retirement Services Office at Ft. Meade, MD.  
Making the decision to leave a career after so many years wasn't an easy one but it was the right one.  
We have been privileged to be a part of so many amazing military postings like the 1st Ranger Battalion and the 75th Ranger Regiment, the 82nd Airborne Division, the 173d Airborne Brigade, the 1st Infantry Division and all of the outstanding communities that support them.  
I am grateful to so many people we met along our journey!

A little truth from Jimmy Buffet
Reflecting over the years these are some things I wish someone had told me as a young Army spouse...

*Put your family first.
*The only thing people will remember about you is how you made them feel...good or bad.
*Your friends make Army life the best life.
*Don't create drama or be drawn into it. 
*The big Army does not have a secret plan for your military spouse...people are in the right place at the right time. 
*There are no guarantees, everything promised is written in jello.
*When it's your turn to leave the Army 
(and it will be your turn one day) 
remember that as good as it was...the best is yet to be!

With Gratitude and Happiness, 

Postscript...Ok, this is not really the final farewell, I'm staying around the blogosphere for the after party hope you'll stay with me!


  1. My husband is a USAFA grad (76), so my journey has been only slightly different from yours. I've enjoyed reading your blog and its probably the only one I truly follow. I first saw it cliise to Christmas one year and I've looked forward to your posts ever since. I wish you the BeSt in your new adventure and look forward to seeing new decorating and a place to calm my craZy life. Blessings to you always, debra ❤

  2. Best wishes on your future ahead! One of my first days after I married my husband was a welcome brief given by your husband in 2011 at Fort Riley. I thought “okay, this life isn’t going to be so bad and neither is Kansas”, after his very motivating and positive words. So much has happened since that day. Thank you for always respecting tradition, setting the standard high and being an example for the younger spouses following behind you.

  3. Happy retirement! Can't wait to see what's next for you.


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