December 11, 2015

Quarters One 2015 Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our Quarters One Christmas tour!
I wish this snow was real, but, it's a product of my new favorite app 'Snow Daze'... it makes every day look like a snow day! 
And since I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, I needed a little help making that wish come true!

Still Snow Daze!

In reality, our weather is unseasonably warm. I thought I would try boxwood wreaths this year from Trader Joes but they are really struggling. 
(I hope they can make it for a few more weeks!) 
My geraniums and ivy, on the other hand are faring beautifully!
This is the 32nd year I've decorated a set of military quarters....that's a lot of garland and lights! I'm honored and humbled to live on this beautiful post in historic quarters (circa 1899) and so happy to share our version of Christmas with you.

All natural greens and fruit on the porch. You can barely see the oranges peeking out of the urn!

I replaced the pumpkin and bittersweet in this chandelier with fresh greenery and oranges.  You can catch a glimpse of the funeral caisson that is returning from Arlington Cemetery.

Have I mentioned how small our quarters are?? The living space is quite tight but it really made a difference to rearrange the furniture a few months ago. These leather chairs from Pottery Barn swivel so they are perfect for this spot.

We've had our tree in 3 different places and I think I like it here the best!

For our tree I was going for vintage...simple and sweet.
I only hung my German mercury and some classic red ornaments.
I love it.

I planned a big shopping day to the Old Lucketts Store recently and the only thing I came home with was a roll of twine! 
So glad I did because that's how I fixed all of my ornaments on the tree this year.

A tin snowflake on top of the tree to match the galvanized bucket and stair decor...

Metal letters from Hobby Lobby, I took a little risk on this but I do like the way it turned out! Where ever we are next year, provided we have some stairs, I may do the same thing but add a strand or two of garland. 

Our girl, Tippet. 
I tried to make her pose with a wreath around her neck but she was having absolutely none of that Christmas nonsense!

My favorite Christmas song..."Have Yourself a  Merry Little Christmas"...found this at Pottery Barn at the end of the season last year!

I've mentioned before, when we lived in Germany a real "Chim Chim Cher-ee" sweep would come clean our chimneys and leave behind one of these little guys on our mantle. When we move I put them in my wallet for safe keeping, they are absolutely irreplaceable.

Right as you step in the front door on the wall ahead is, apparently, the perfect spot for an ugly radiator. I bought a demilune table from Joss and Main which covered it up perfectly.

We do believe in Santa...

A look into the dining room, I'm still digging the white walls

You can see another of those pesky radiators behind the chair in the dining room, while I didn't cover it up we do often use it as a bar for dinner parties. 
(Thanks, EBreezy Media for the photo below!)

I can't resist giving everything a touch of red and green...

Even a wood chest that belonged to my grandmother and my husband's humidor did not escape some Christmas cheer!

Wow...for a small space I feel like I posted lots of photos, I have a few more of some other rooms but I will save them for my second  Christmas post.
Hope you're enjoying this rather balmy Christmas season!
(Part 2 of the tour is here.)
'Til next time....
(Be sure to stop by 11 Magnolia Lane for their December Pretty Preppy Party and some amazing Christmas home tours!)


  1. Love the "JOY" on your staircase! I may have to borrow that idea one day. ;) Love your blog! Thanks for letting us into your home. Merry Christmas! Beat Navy!

    1. Love the joy also but how did you get the joy to hand on staircase?

  2. Thank you for sharing! I always enjoy your tours and appreciate that you share where you got your treasures, whether retail or heirloom. Stephanie Harvey

  3. You're home is so elegant and welcoming!

  4. It's just lovely, Shand--and I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Thanks for linking up at the Pretty Preppy Party this month; I'm featuring you on 11 Magnolia Lane tomorrow as one of our favorites!

  5. What a beautiful home!! What an opportunity to live in such an historic area! Your Christmas decor is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the JOY on your stairs, can I ask how you hung them.

  7. Hi Lydia! I hung them with small nails but this year I think I will hang them with command hooks instead. They are very light weight (from Hobby Lobby). Thank you for reading!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Shand:)

  9. I enjoyed your Christmas home tour and fell in love with your Christmas plates. Can you give me any info on them?

  10. Thank you! The plates are, oddly enough, Old Britain Castles by Johnson Brothers....purchased at Home Goods!

  11. OMGosh, the Christmas home tour was gorgeous. I would love to know where you purchased the "JOY" letters?
    I would love to purchase/order them.
    Thank you for sharing...

  12. Faybaby, thank you so much...the letters are from Hobby Lobby, be sure to get them when they are half price!

  13. Just found you on Pinterest and I'm so glad I did!! :)

  14. I also LOVE the "JOY" on the staircase. Is there lights on them as well? How did you get the ribbon and greenery (and lights?) to stay on there?

  15. Where did you find the primitive christmas tree in the galvanized bucket? I would LOVE to do this on my front porch, it is so cute!

    1. I just picked out the scrawniest tree I could find, it's actually a live tree, and the bucket came from a local market!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Where did you find your mini lanterns you have on the stair posts? I love that idea!

    1. Hi Julie! I got them from Gatherings at 3 Thirteen in Manhattan, KS but they are Park Hill and probably easy to find...and Pottery Barn has something very similar!

  18. Hello, I love your letters on the stairs. May I ask how you mounted them? I've bought mine and having an issue putting mine up. Any suggestions would be soooo helpful! Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Lynette! I nailed them and hoped for the best! It's tricky if you don't want to put nail holes into the railing, you could use command hooks too!


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