October 10, 2016

Trading Watermelons for Pumpkins

Fall is practically over!
In blogger land I am so painfully behind everyone else in decorating and sharing that I feel like I should skip straight ahead to decorating for spring.
Summer went so fast and I've just been putting off giving up watermelons for pumpkins.
But, here we are, smack in the middle of October so why don't you come on in for a cup of coffee.
Or some vodka, 
you pick...
The big decision I made this fall was to give away my faux fall decor to my daughter. She is starting her own household with her  very handsome Air Force pilot fianc√©  and I thought it would be a good move for both of us.
 I've decided to decorate simply and naturally from now on.  
(Or until I see some adorable fall decor I can't resist.)
Here are some photos of our fall decor at Q1 this season...

We spend most of our time on the front porch, it is, without a doubt, the best room in the house.

I love to drink coffee on the porch every morning and watch the caissons roll by.  It is the one thing I will miss when we move.
Which, eventually, we will.

 Every evening at 5 these market lights come on for Happy Hour!
(This table is an inexpensive plastic fold up from Target, it's perfect for the spot without a big investment.)

The kitchen gets a little something...

 I'm wondering if my friend, Melissa, will notice I opened my Christmas gift early this year?? Nuts, anyone?

My newest kitchen decor...Cleo. I love her! 
Have I mentioned I'm a vegetarian? That makes Cleo super happy!

Next to porches, fireplace mantles are my favorite places to decorate.

I did keep these wooden crows, their names are Jon Snow, Arya, and Sansa...I just couldn't part with them!

Company for dinner tonight! Vegetable pot pie and salad is on the menu, buffet style.

Have I mentioned my obsession with glass bottles?

The back steps are getting a little fall love too this year...

and luckily my orange colors on the patio are taking me right into the season...thank goodness since I'm showing up late to this party.

If you're new to Quarters One you can check out last year's fall porch here.
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Thank you so much for stopping by!
With Gratitude, Shand

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