October 4, 2015

Fall Through an Instagram Filter

Ahh, fall...what can be said that hasn't already been said about the wonders of this season? 
There are so many fabulous blogs on fall decorating  I've really enjoyed perusing as many as I can find.  I thought I would share our fall decor through the filter of Instagram...just because I'm digging that look.  
And this is basically how our weather has been lately...a little gray, a little understated.

I was able to scrape up some bittersweet vines that I stored carelessly thoughtfully on the garage floor...even though it's very delicate it's held up surprisingly well! I found this chandelier at La Bella Luce it reminded me of a photo I saw on Pinterest last year that I was determined to recreate. 

Here's the original photo below...do you remember it?

This new living room set up really opened up our small space, why didn't I do this two years ago??

Here is my public service announcement for adopting a shelter dog...if you have a loving heart you will get ten fold in return. This is Olive, she blends right in.

Hydrangeas in a dough bowl was another Pinterest inspired project...

Here is the original photo from StoneGable...

The blue grey of this heirloom pumpkin nearly matches my kitchen walls, I wish I could have captured it better.

'Til next time...

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