November 21, 2015


Next to Fort Riley, this is the most beautiful Army post we've lived on.  
I am thankful!
On the eve of Thanksgiving week I just have to share a few photos with you...

Speaking of Thanksgiving, like all of you, the most important part of the holiday is spending time with the ones I love. 
 **Insert prayer here for the men and women that aren't able to be with family because of deployments or duties that protect us from those who would do us harm.**
I am thankful.

We don't really have any traditional recipes, except Oyster Pie, which I hate, but make anyway because it is one of the few food traditions we have. 
Years ago I gave up trying to make my grandmother's dressing because it just never tasted like hers so now I use Stove also doesn't taste like hers but at least everyone eats it! 
 Roasted veggies, turkey (which I don't eat, either), rice, gravy, green bean casserole, bread, and apple pie! It may vary at the last minute, you never know.
 We eat later in the day so it's just dark outside.  My husband has a killer playlist that is perfect.  After dinner we talk and play a game  around the table.  I'm always so sad when the spell is broken and everyone gets up to watch football.  
For those couple of hours, though, it's magic to me and I am so thankful!
The "work" part I enjoy the most is setting the table.  I want it cozy and comfortable but not overdone.
I don't have any photos of my own yet so I gathered some ideas from Pinterest...

The photo above isn't a table setting but it would be a beautiful one!

 The photos above and below are just what I have in mind for my own table!

For the first time in years we will have all of our children with us, as well as the their significant others, all of whom I adore. 
And my beautiful niece, Rachel.
And 3 dogs.  
And 1 puppy. 
And a tortoise. 
Yep, I am thankful.

From our quarters to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!
'Til Next Time...

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