September 29, 2015

Room Assignments

There are many wonderful aspects of living the military lifestyle and for me living in so many amazing places has definitely been a blessing! We are fortunate to have a lot of visitors where ever we go...which I love...and this past Labor Day Weekend I thought I would have some fun with it all.
Our children are grown and living on their own so when they aren't home for a visit their rooms, or a version of what might have been their rooms, are empty.

At Lost Cay Cottage we have three extra bedrooms. I found these cute numbers at The Old Lucketts Store in Lucketts, VA. I hung one on each of the door knobs. 

I purchased a half priced chalk board from Hobby Lobby and added this vinyl monogram from 11 Magnolia Lane on Etsy.  I took a little liberty with the monogram order...just because I thought this looked better than LCC (Lost Cay Cottage, the name of our shore house).

I hung the chalkboard on the wall in the central had a strange metallic spotted look so I went over it with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey. I though it gave it a little bit of a weathered beach look.

My chalkboard penmanship needs a little work but this is how I assigned the rooms..everyone got a kick out of it and there was no hemming and hawing of who would be where...not that there would be with this super easy going crowd!! We all had a great time!

In the future we'll put other messages on the board as well as room assignments...we don't want anyone to miss coffee...or happy hour!
Or a nap on the sofa...

'Til next time!!


  1. Great idea! We have four sons and because we sometimes stumble over their names when we call out to them, we started calling them out by birth number so we were calling the right person to come. Works for us and when we become empty nesters I may steal you're idea :)

  2. That turned out great, Shand! Thanks so much for letting me see how you used the monogram! Sharing on our Facebook page tomorrow!


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