July 4, 2014

Life on the Porch

The lazy days of summer are here to stay and so is living life on the porch! I love bringing the indoors outside and the 4th of July is the quintessential day of the year for outdoor living.
Our house is full this year.  Our kids are home and Bill's parents are here, too.  We are celebrating our first Independence Day in Washington DC.  And who knows, in the Army, it could also be our last so we are going to enjoy it whole heartedly.
Our menu is simple...burgers (beef and veggie), grilled potato salad, baked beans, chips, watermelon, apple pie, and fireworks!

I'm super thankful we have a screened porch... it makes the easy livin' outside so much easier. A patio makes it even better. 
Here's what we did to our outdoor space...

I'm big into green and navy this year with just a touch of red...

View from our kitchen window... this Biergarten sign is from Germany, the Eidelweiss to be exact!

 A few wrought iron window boxes from Italy found perfect spots on the edge of the porch.

This L-shaped porch is old and very worn but I love it none the less. The rocking chairs are great for drinking coffee in the morning and the lounge chairs are a comfy reading spot on a sunny afternoon.

 The view down our street is always patriotic...

Happy Independence Day! 

'Til next time...

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