December 3, 2016

It's Here! December is Here!

Oh. My. Gosh. 
How did we get to December already?! 
I took the photo above in was a warm, beautiful day and this truck was part of a display for a beer tent.
Using the apps Snapseed and Snow Daze, I turned it into the inspiration for my holiday decorating this year!

Speaking of inspiration, this JOY photo from last year's Q1 Christmas tour has been pinned on Pinterest over 128.3K times and the blog has been viewed 110,000 times.  
 I almost didn't include the photo in my blog, but I'm so glad I did and I'm incredibly honored so many people found it inspirational.
We even made Tiny Prints "100 Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas" list this year!
How cool is that? I'm so excited!

All over the internet blogs are bursting with gorgeous homes already decked out for the holidays,
we're getting there,
how about you? 
Here are a few other photos that have inspired me this year, I can't wait to share the tour with you!
Sometimes the end product looks absolutely nothing like that which inspired it.  
Enjoy the journey!
If you missed last years' tour please visit here and here.
Don't forget to check out!

With Gratitude, Shand 

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