December 9, 2016

Christmas 2016 Home Tour Begins on the Porch

Welcome to the beginning of our 2016 Christmas Home Tour! 


This is our fourth Christmas in these quarters.  I would not have guessed we'd be here this long but I've really enjoyed the challenge of creating something new every year!

The one thing that stays constant is my love for traditional Christmas colors. Red bows and green wreaths against a beautiful white railing.

You know I love a porch and while it may seem a little crowded I like to make use of every bit of this outdoor space!

Some cedar garland for the "candelier" that I love! 

I can not resist snapping photos with the caissons passing by.

I put a white twin matelasse bedspread on this fold up table with a Pottery Barn runner and you'd never guess what's underneath!

Hi, I'm Shand and I'm a corbel addict...
the chippier the better! 
I love the beautiful detailing.

Our bistro market lights are now our holiday Christmas lights!

There's my muse, no blog is complete without her...
see how sweet she is here!

Our little live tree in a galvanized bucket.

Here is where JOY landed this year! Last season these Hobby Lobby letters were a big holiday hit on the inside staircase but I like them on the porch this year.  
From the sidewalk, however, all you can see is "JO"...I hope everyone gets the message anyway!

Hunter boots...a blog staple!

Our little back porch gets a pop of color, too.

This is what's happening inside...
Beau, our new rescue beagle, dreaming of a warm Christmas!

I'll be back soon with Beau's story and the rest of our 
2016 Christmas Home Tour! 
With Gratitude, Shand 


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