July 4, 2015

Independence Day

 Our Quarters One on a sunny day!

Happy Independence Day! 
I wanted to come up on the net to say hello and wish you and your family a safe and happy day of celebration. I've said this before...I love today because it's a day when we are all on the same team...
America's team!

All of our kids are back on U.S. soil, thank goodness, and most of them are home with us. It's a rainy day in our part of the country but that won't stop us from celebrating.
Our fare today is...Carolina barbecue, baked beans, squash casserole, watermelon, chips, ice cream sandwiches, and assorted beverages.  
Too easy.
Since most of our day will probably be spent on the porch here are a few photos to share. Like last year, I've gone with the red, blue, and apple green color scheme. I tied the porch in with the patio with new lounge cushions. 

We added a cozy table to our porch this year,  I think we eat out here every night! This is just a fold out table from Target covered with a table cloth made with a drop cloth. 

I love this, my newest chandelier, that came from La Bella Luce before she closed up her shop.

We ended up rearranging the porch during this photo shoot, I think I like this new layout better.

A little time to relax before the festivities begin.
Hope you have a day you enjoy with people you love. 
Remember those who have sacrificed dearly so that we may celebrate, and continue to celebrate, these free United States.

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