April 15, 2014

Vintage Nautical Guest Room

...every single day of my life!
 In our new quarters, I needed to blend two previous guest rooms into one and I thought (since the beach is always on my mind!)  a vintage nautical theme would do that perfectly.
Here are the two bedrooms from Fort Riley...

The beachy room above is painted Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. The room below was vintage Americana and the walls were painted Mindful Gray. 

In my effort to live an uncluttered life, I wanted the clean look of the Sea Salt room but wasn't ready to give up my old quilts and trunks from the Americana room.
This guest was room was used previously as an office, but the real estate was way too precious to me so the office was relocated to the basement.

I painted the walls Intense White by Benjamin Moore which is very cool and clean with a hint of gray.

The beginning of the painting process...

Here's how it turned out.

The headboards for these twin beds are actually the footboards to my bed! 

The moldings that frame the windows are so gorgeous I decided not to hang curtains. I think it gives it more of that vintage beach feel and lets lots of light in. I could hang some IKEA curtains but for now I'm happy with the outcome. Also, one of those pesky radiators is under one of the 3 windows which would make a long panel hang oddly.

The poster above was a photograph turned into a water color by the Waterlogue app I wrote about earlier...see it here.  I used the Over app to write on the photo then had it printed at Staples as an 18 x 24 oversized color print. The cost was about $21.00.  The frame is from Hobby Lobby it was $10.00. I really like the way it turned out but I am sure it could probably be done with less expense...the convenience was worth it to me.

And here's Tippet...always showing up in the best places!

'Til next time!

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  1. Your guest room looks so inviting! I love, love the poster print wow what a great idea :)


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