March 10, 2014

The Keeping Room

"Jack fumed when he saw it and declared we could not take it all as it exceeded our allowance of weight. I declared we must take it or we could not exist."  
(Vanished Arizona, Martha Summerhayes, 1874)

 I love this quote; what military spouse doesn't feel this way?!
At Fort Riley space wasn't a problem "for all of the things we needed in order to exist"... but now…oh boy. It's a tight fit but here's how we set up our living room…and if you want to check out the former Quarters One, here's a link to that blog!

Rooms always look bigger before you move in the furniture. Because this is our only room on the main floor, besides the kitchen and dining room, it has to be dual purpose…entertaining guests and relaxing with family. 

The photo above is actual size…haha! 

Oh, those darn radiators! 

The curtain panels on the window to the left are different from the front two windows. The texture is similar and the colors are complimentary and I only had 4 panels of each so I had to make do. Honestly, in the room you don't even notice that the fabric on the left is cream as the focus is really on the red panels.  Kilim Beige (SW) is the wall color, standard these days for military housing.

 This radiator was the worst of all, it sits directly in front of the front door.  We decided just to camouflage it completely by fitting a demilune table over it and skirting it. 

Just my own personal tastes…I don't like military prints in the living room..ok well anywhere in the house except an office. So this is wall is my omage to our military life.  The painting above was a gift when we left the First Infantry Division.  It's beautiful and historic and it will always hold a place of honor in our home. The pictures on the staircase are all West Point related since we are a family of Grads.

 Yes, those are silver Christmas ornaments under the cloche, and no, I'm not going to put them away!  Silver's good all year round, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My favorite piece of pottery from Colmar, France.

A friend once said the only thing she regretted about living in Europe were the things she didn't buy. Some of us can really appreciate that advice. We have many damigianas and olive jars but I still wish I had picked up a few more! 

Our narrow hall had to be put to use. This old ladder is a hanger of sorts for blankets from Afghanistan and Italy.

 I really couldn't get enough of these little birds from The Gatherings, I have them perched in nests all over.
The box below belonged to my grandmother, love it sitting atop books about  my favorite places!

When the chimney sweeps came to clean our chimneys in Germany they would leave these behind as sort of a calling card. I absolutely cherish them and I put them in my wallet when we move!

Aside from the kitchen and a bathroom, these two rooms are it on the main floor.  It makes entertaining challenging but if that's our biggest problem we are certainly in good shape!

No living room is complete without a sleeping puppy!

'Til next time!

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