October 30, 2013

What You Get to Say...

 I always look up when I'm feeling down…inspiration comes in unexpected places!
Six months of suitcase living is finally coming to an end! I've been feeling very uninspired and, sheepishly, a little sorry for myself too. 
My friend Gina says, "There's what you want to say and what you get to say" as a military spouse. So...
What I get to say is that while the past six months have been somewhat frustrating they have also been a blessing. 
What I get to say is congratulations to my two graduates! Margie from Clemson University and Chas from the SF Qualification Course.
What I get to say is Welcome Home, Andrew!!
What I get to say is how proud I am of my husband and the years of dedication he has devoted to the Army and its Soldiers. I'm honored we have the chance to continue down this path a little while longer.
What I get to say is that we have the keys to our new quarters! (Albeit not the set we've waited on for all of these months, not sure I really get to say that part…)
What I get to say, sincerely, is that I'm excited to continue with this blog and I appreciate all of the kind words, notes, and support from family and friends, both old and new.  Thank you!

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