November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Our new Quarters One at historic Fort Myer
In a lifetime of moving with the Army, I have never made a move during the holiday season…until now. Our household goods were delivered to our new Quarters One last week and we are in the midst of a mess. Thanksgiving is here, Christmas is fast approaching and I can't find my winter socks.  I'm cold and I've been very bothered by the fact that we've moved from an enormous set of quarters at Ft. Riley to this smallish townhouse at Ft. Myer.
I was feeling particularly irked when I started to go through the 10th box marked "winter socks" and found instead a notebook with poems I had collected as a teenager. I want to share this one with you, it changed my attitude many years ago and it did so again this week.
The Cross Room
The young man was at the end of his rope. Seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees in prayer. "Lord, I can't go on," he said. "I have too heavy a cross to bear." The Lord replied, "My son, if you can't bear it's weight, just place your cross inside this room. Then open another door and pick any cross you wish." The  man was filled with relief. "Thank you, Lord," he sighed, and did as he was told. As he looked around the room he saw many different crosses; some so large the tops were not visible. Then he spotted a tiny cross leaning against a far wall. "I'd like that one, Lord," he whispered. And the Lord replied, "My son, that's the cross you brought in."
 I realized that I am so thankful to carry the smallest cross possible and that I have plenty of strength to help those carrying far greater burdens. I am actually grateful for the opportunity to live in this cozy little set of historic quarters on this beautiful post.
 I'm grateful that my biggest worry today is finding my winter socks.
To paraphrase some Rascal Flatts lyrics...I hope your crosses are always light and your blessings great.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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