June 6, 2013

Quarters One, A New Beginning!

Zinnias and Lemon Zest Petunias...a marvelous summery combination!
Welcome to my updated blog with a slightly new name, look and format! Thank you for following me here and welcome if you're just joining me. For many years I have referred to our house as "Quarters One".   It was purely a coincidence that the home we moved into at Fort Riley was also known by the same moniker. Quarters One is where the VIPs (very important people) live and aren't those people our own families?  So cheers to your Q1 and mine...where ever we are! I hope that through my family's military adventures I can continue to share my experiences as a senior military spouse and military mom... along with my love of entertaining and decorating, of course!

Our current Quarters One on the shore. Living the Army motto, "Hurry up and wait"!

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