June 14, 2013

Happy Flag Day!

My neighbor's lovely house!
I think our flag is by far the most beautiful of any country's flag. June 14 is Flag Day. Commemorating the day  in 1777 when the  Second Continental Congress of the United States officially adopted the Stars and Stripes as our nation's flag. President Woodrow Wilson officially declared June 14 Flag Day in 1917 and it was 32 years later that congress established the day as a National Day. 
I pledge allegiance everyday and I am grateful to those serving, especially in Afghanistan, who defend our flag and all that it stands for.
June 14 is also the official "Army Birthday".  This year marks the 238th birthday of the greatest fighting force in the world!

We are particularly partial to June 14 because it is the birthday of our sweet daughter who has blessed our lives more than I can say.

All good days have their traditions and this is no exception. Margie's traditional birthday meal is spaghetti con ragu'....and cheese cake! My recipe is listed under my recipe tab if you want to try it!

We have a lot to be grateful for today.
Happy Birthday, Margie!
Happy Birthday US Army!
and a Happy Flag Day to all!

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