March 3, 2017

Mother of the Bride's Post Wedding Musings

Last weekend we celebrated our beautiful daughter's marriage to the man of her dreams.  
We've been working and planning for well over a year and today it's just a memory.
I am definitely going to share the event with you when our photos are ready but today, as I sit alone and reflect on the events of the  weekend, I want to share some reflections...

 *The day went way too fast...far faster than was hard to stop and take it all in.

*I didn't spend near as much time with everyone as I wish I could have.

*I can't remember how all the details turned out, I know everything was perfect, but I just can't remember. 
I'm so thankful we had a videographer AND a photographer to capture the memories.

*I have cried...a the days following the wedding.  Whether it's from unpacking, organizing gifts, cleaning a wedding dress that had its share of fun...or just amazing, random memories flooding my head and heart...
I have cried a lot.

*I miss our wedding planner! 

 *I will wish I could relive every minute.

*I wish we had gone on a little vacation just Bill and I after the wedding. I wouldn't have had to fall back into real life so fast.  It would have given me something to look forward to and been a good way to reflect on the amazing journey we shared with our daughter and our new son-in-law.

My mom happened to capture this moment, and no matter what my reflections are, when I see pure happiness on my child's lovely face I know that it was all perfect.

With Gratitude, Shand 


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