October 31, 2016


 Do you believe in ghosts?
If you've ever lived in historic military housing you may be a believer...there are some very austere and mysterious quarters out there.
The quarters at Fort Riley, KS were rampant with ghost stories,
we even had our share at Quarters One.  
You can read about that on this post "A Ghost Story".

Our current quarters are over 100 years old.  
Several times I have thought I heard someone calling "mom, mama" and we had one guest who woke in the night hearing the same thing...without any previous information from me!  

I believe I may have caught a brief glimpse of an apparition, one that looked similar to the soldiers in the photo, across the street from us.  He seemed to march into view and right out.  
It also could have been my imagination.

I've been waiting for just this time to share this with you.  
We were on vacation this summer in Rhode Island and staying at the Bay Voyage Inn.  Owned by Wyndam now, it was built in 1860 as a home and bed and breakfast.  The young son of the innkeeper,  James, died around 7 or 8 and is said to be still teasing visitors to his home. 
 I took a few photos of the gorgeous house, because that's what I do, and when I downloaded my photos,  I realized I may have captured the image of little James.

Do you see him peeking through the opening in the curtain? 
You can make out his blond hair and blue shorts, looking over the railing.
It's probably a trick of the light but it makes for a good ghost story...
And it is Halloween, after all, the day to tell such tales!

Bay Voyage Inn

I'd love to hear any stories you have!
Happy Halloween!
With Gratitude, Shand 


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