April 7, 2016

My Spring Muse (or How I am Easily Distracted)

This post started out to be something totally different than it ended up. I wanted to write about lightening up our living space this spring and bringing in yellows and golds...

Like this Crate and Barrel pillow with a monogram...

 and these gorgeous tulips!

But then this girl decided she wanted in on the action...

And because she's yellow, and oh so cute, I couldn't help making this all about her instead.

Obviously she doesn't get the whole camera thing, but she was a good sport...

 Until she'd had enough...

and scene.

Hope your spring days are mellow!

With Gratitude,

and Tippet!

11 Magnolia Lane


  1. Ha ha! That is great! You captured a "moment in a moment"

  2. So cute! Love the pillow & the pooch! Thanks for sharing at the PPP!


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