January 4, 2016

Red Checked Nostalgia

 February 2016 marks 4 years since I posted my very first blog entry. We lived in Ft. Riley, KS in the original Quarters One.  Quarters One is the home of the commanding general of the First Infantry Division, the BIG RED ONE, and where my blog name originated.
What an amazing house...all 9,000 square feet of it!
I saw this beautiful chair on D.D.'s Cottage and Design page on a Christmas post and I started reminiscing about the mudroom in our Kansas quarters.

We always entered Quarters One through the back door that led into the mudroom. 
(There were 3 back doors to the house!)
 It was a sunny little space and I wanted it to be warm and welcoming just for us and our friends who came in that way.

So, of course it needed a chandelier! This was probably the first one that ever hung there but hopefully not the last!

The window sills were great for small pots of herbs. It was convenient since it was directly off the kitchen.

From the single exterior/interior limestone wall, it's evident the space wasn't original to the house which was built circa 1888. 
I loved that wall, it added so much character to this little room.
I have these curtains hanging in our current quarters but they aren't nearly as charming as they are here.
I also have an old chair that I am pretty sure is asking to be recovered in red and white....hmmm....

Post Script 
'Quarters One' is the name of the Fort Myer, VA residence of the United States Army Chief of Staff built in 1899 and also the name of the former residence of the commanding general at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois built in 1872. It was typical 'back in the day' to designate the home of the commander on any given post as 'Quarters One'.  I'm sure there are more out there!
I really like the name so, with all due respect, I continue to use it to journal about my life in military quarters.

 Quarters One, Fort Myer


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