January 18, 2016

My Sweet, Newly Organized, Bedroom Closet

 In case you missed it last week on 11 Magnolia Lane!

What an exciting way to begin the new year; being invited by the lovely ladies of 11 Magnolia Lane to participate in Operation Organization 2016. Thank you so much, Christy and Amy for including Quarters One!
Quarters One is all about my life in military housing.  It's challenging and fun...thanks for following along!

Recently, I found this sweet Italian chandelier that I knew would help transform the hot mess that was my bedroom closet into a lovely little dressing room.
 When it comes to living in Army quarters, "You get what you get," is the (un) official motto.  There are rarely any options.
So, when I decided I NEEDED an organized, but sweet, dressing space I knew I had to come up with a savvy solution. 
I don't have any before photos, except this one of Tippet surrounded by some of the closet's stuffings...it only got worse!

(And, I used a glam filter on these post makeover shots just because, after all, it is still Army quarters...)

The first thing I did (besides clearing everything out) was replace the existing light fixture with my new chandelier. 
That just about fixed everything because that's what chandeliers do, right? 
On one side of the closet, I hung Ikea curtain panels with a pressure rod to hide the wall of shelves I decided to use for my shoes. They are more sensible than sensational, so while they are neatly organized, they aren't very exciting to look at.
I added baskets for storage on the back wall for a clean look. 
The closet area is roughly 6' x 6' including the shelf space.

The left side of the closet was an assortment of shelves and bars for hanging clothes and storing stuff.  I moved the shelves around to make a small vanity and stored the hanging bars underneath. I love this spot so much! We were using this little bench elsewhere in the house but it was perfect to use here. The top is scratchy burlap so I just "slip" covered it with a white linen pillowcase bought at a flea market in Italy.

 I found a seagrass mirror that was a perfect fit for the vanity area.  My very first pair of pointe shoes add a decidedly sweet touch!

The shelves in this dressing room are those inexpensive, adjustable deals...through the power of photo editing I removed all of the little holes in the sides of the unit!
I love to use silver trays for organizing. And I'm on the run a lot so I keep most of my makeup in this monogrammed travel bag.

Wire baskets on the top shelf makes handy storage space.  
This Italian fresco of Paola Bonaparte (Napoleon's sister) is another fun and feminine addition to this little room. 

Hooks on the door and my weekend/beach bags are ready to go on a moment's notice!

I never close my closet door now that it's so organized and pretty!
Sometimes looking at a space with a fresh perspective helps to see new possibilities.
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With Gratitude,


  1. Love the Clemson sweatshirt...are you from SC? I am new here!

  2. I really love that chandelier! I have a large closet (it was definitely a selling point of the house) but it has those horrible fluorescent lights. You've given me inspiration to remove those and see what hot mess I have to fix-but in the end it will be worth it!


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