December 24, 2015

For the past few years I've been fortunate to have friends and neighbors that let me blog about their beautifully decorated homes at Christmas.
This year, all of those friends have moved away, but I was lucky enough to tour a "neighbor's" home and take some great photos!
So, the "neighbors" are President and Mrs. Obama and the home is, obviously, the White House....
And, in case you are wondering, I was not extended a special invitation, I was invited through my office (TAPS) and ushered through like thousands of other happy visitors!
Here's my takeaway, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Such a cute tribute to Sunny and Bo!

Gold Star Tree in honor of our Gold Star Families and their Fallen Heroes.

 In my opinion this was one of the very coolest things we saw!  Marine 1, or a version of it, practicing take offs and landings.

The South Lawn 

Happy to take the tour with this cute soon to be married couple!

Thanks so much to my TAPS family for giving us the opportunity to share this experience!
I just read that the President has a Christmas playlist if you want to check it out, here is the link...
'Til next time....
Merry, Merry Christmas!!

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