July 13, 2015

My Paris Apartment, Reveal

So, maybe it's not quite a Paris apartment but I desperately wanted a change in our chateau and painting the dining room seemed like the obvious solution....that's a stretch but it's all I've got!
From Sherwin Williams Backdrop to Sherwin Williams Alabaster here is final product.

I love, love the change! Even though Alabaster is a cool shade I really like it as a palette for all of my warm colors.
If you missed my last blog about the dining room you can find it here!

(On a side note, some other whites I considered were Swiss Coffee, Steamed Milk, and White Dove.)

'Til next time!


  1. The design of your apartment looks very classy and elegant, and I think being inside it would truly gives a feeling that one is transported to Paris! I guess it's safe to say that homes that come with Paris as theme automatically gives the place a relaxing vide. You did a great job with this make-over, Shand! Kudos and all the best to you :)

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes


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