July 23, 2015

Here's What I Think About.... Sitting or Standing

I check in on a senior commanders' spouses forum every now and then to see what people are buzzing about and one question posed recently was, 
"Do I sit or stand when receiving flowers at my spouses' change of command?"  
Since I have a blog let me tell you what I think...do what makes you feel comfortable. This is coming from a spouse (that's me) who has received flowers at every level of command from company to division; and been witness to countless others!
Yep, do what makes you feel comfortable, there, I said it again.
You don't want to stand? Don't! You want to stand? Go ahead!
Seriously, who cares? It's your 15 seconds out of the ceremony to do with what you want.  Don't try to please someone else, they're not getting flowers, you are. Take the moment and do with it what you will. No one, trust me, no one will judge you or change their opinion of you because you stood...or sat.  Most likely, they aren't going to remember anyway. Honestly I think it can be a little awkward to stand. But, that's just me. 
Plus, there was this one time....
Years ago when I was a young and impressionable wife I attended a change of command ceremony where the spouse, bless her heart, stood up to receive the ceremonial flowers and her dress was caught up in her... well you probably know where I'm going with this.  Friends sitting behind her dove for her hemline like bees to honey but the mental image had been burned into my mind.  I don't remember a single other detail about the ceremony itself.
Whether you stand or sit should not be the single defining, memorable moment of your time as the commander's spouse.  
So, do what feels natural to you and continue to do that throughout your spouse's entire tenure in command. 
Be authentic, true to who you are, and that is what everyone will remember about you.

'Til next time!

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