January 31, 2015

Happy Winter!

 I hope you've had a cozy and warm January! Where have I been?! I've been preparing for my New Year's resolutions...which I don't actually make until my February first birthday....but more about that in another post.
So, I'm not sure if I am lazy or creative but I thought, as I was putting away our holiday pretties, that I might leave some out to celebrate winter.
 Do you decorate for winter or is it just too much like Christmas? 
Here's a few pics to give you an idea of what I mean...

I love this silver punch bowl with real pine cones covered in "snow"!
(Um, yes, that is the Thanksgiving pumpkin still lurking around...)

 I left these on the headboards, too. I just love the ribbon!

And here in the kitchen as well.  It's a sweet touch of winter.

A jar of wintergreen mints in the powder room and a vintage stitched snowman.

I took the ribbon and greenery off of the chandelier but I'm leaving the lights up all year. They make me happy in the late, drab afternoons and they will be awesome in the spring and summer. I have them on timers so they aren't on all day and night.

Not too much, right? 

Here are some of my favorite winter Pinterest photos...






Tippet celebrated her first birthday in January!
We took her for a burger and ice-cream ...oh happy girl!

'Til Next Time!


  1. It's beautiful and cozy, Shand. And the chandelier is awesome!

  2. Thank you, so much, Christy! That's a great compliment coming from someone I really admire!


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