May 21, 2014

Guest Bath

While I would love, love for our guest bathroom to look like the Pinterest photo above, alas, it looks  like the one below!

Our quarters at Fort Riley had 6 1/2 bathrooms...yes count them...6 1/2.  Our current quarters has 4 1/2; but one is in the basement (spiders!), the master is as big as a postage stamp, and the third floor is...well....that's another blog!  So, this bathroom, long and narrow, serves our overnight guests.

A few after photos...

I'm into stripes...and navy with apple green...this shower curtain is from West Elm. 

I painted the shelves white to lighten up the space. And while I'm all about asking forgiveness instead of permission, I did ask the housing office if I could paint beforehand.

I'm still working on some cute display for bathroom necessities like this photo...

I wish I had room for a chair...


'Til next time!

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  1. Very nice! The shelving unit looks so much better. Housing should be thankful you upgraded the look of the built in shelf.


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