July 2, 2013

My Lemon Obsession

I have always loved lemons. All year round I keep a bowl on the kitchen counter...but for some reason I am currently obsessed with them!  
 "If you could be any fruit or vegetable what would you be?"  (This was a question asked at an after dinner game one recent evening.) Well, duh, a lemon of course! Lemons are bright and cheerful. They remind me of all things fresh and clean.  And although, they may be a little tart by themselves, in the company of other ingredients they enhance the taste of everything.

I am also totally into lavender...lemons and lavender make a perfect pairing!

 My favorite new utensil is the  Chef'n Citrus Juicer from Williams- Sonoma...easy to use and clean! Williams- Sonoma  gives a 10% military discount if you purchase in store or you can find it online HERE.

 My Best Recipe for Lavender Lemonade
1 C warm water
12 packets Stevia...I like Pure Via
2 t culinary Lavender...if you get it from a garden be sure it is chemical free
Mix the above ingredients to make a sugar free simple syrup. Let sit for an hour and strain. Discard lavender. This can be refrigerated for a few days but it probably won't last because you'll love it and a cup fills 3-4 glasses.
Juice one lemon, add to an 8 oz glass of ice, sweeten with 2-3 oz lavender syrup and pour water to fill glass.

Lavender lemonade has a beautiful, light, summertime taste...pairs well with scones or shortbread cookies!
It's also just lovely by itself.

In a pinch I like to use Monin's Lavender syrup in place of the simply syrup mixture. It's rich and has a beautiful lavender color.

Look for an up coming blog on a lemon pie I just discovered!

Happy Summer Days!

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