December 20, 2018

The Making of our Christmas Photo

I love our cute Christmas photo this year!
I thought some of the other pictures were really funny so I put together a little behind the scene blooper set...

Me: Beau, Tippet look at me...who wants a treat! Treat, treat, TREAT!

Me: Tippet, Beatrice look! Treat! 
Oh gosh, the door is open...argh..

Tippet: No treat is worth this.  
Beau: Where did you say to look for a treat?
Beatrice: Did someone say sit?

Beatrice: Cheese!
Tippet: Why do we have a puppy?

Me: Tippet, you'll regret that look every time you see this picture! 
   Beau: I'm so bored of this.

Beau: Beatrice ate my treat! 
Beatrice: Yes, I did!
Tippet: I really don't understand why we have a puppy.

Beau: You can't make me look.

Beau and Beatrice: Is that a bag of treats on top of mom's head?
Tippet: I just can't take any more of this.

Beau and Beatrice: Let's get that bag of treats!
Tippet: I knew this was a bad idea.
Me: I'm beginning to think you're right, Tippet.

57 photos later a Christmas miracle!
With Gratitude,
Beauregard, Beatrice, and Tippet

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