February 2, 2017

Beauregard, the Rescue Dog

 Part One: Beagle
Last fall a stray beagle was picked up by animal control officers in southern Virginia and taken to an animal shelter.  By the grace of God he was saved by Lucky Dog Animal Rescue volunteers and brought to northern Virginia. 

  Part Two: Einstein
In October,  a random trip to Starbucks with Tippet took us by a Lucky Dog adoption event.  

As we passed, Tippet was drawn to the little beagle LDAR called "Einstein", she seemed to sense his angst and quietly laid down  beside him.  We found out he was in some discomfort from a wound on his leg but was otherwise healthy. 
Within the week we decided we would apply to adopt him.
If you've followed us on Facebook, you know how his story goes.
The wound turned out to be a far worse injury.  
The vet believed "Einstein" may have suffered a gunshot wound or been hit by a car. Either way his leg had been untreated for so long that it would need to be amputated.
Everyone understood that we might want to walk away at that point but we didn't! 
While "Einstein" had no idea who we were, we had invested ourselves in him just from the photo we had of that day with Tippet.
On November 28 "Einstein" had his front left leg amputated.
 On December 2 his new life began when we brought him home to Quarters One.

Part Three: Beauregard

His amputation site was quite raw so I've photoshopped it out of this picture.
Beauregard, "Beau", was on quite a bit of round the clock medication in the beginning.  He spent the first few days sleeping in his kennel.  
Tippet was never far from his side.

After a few days, Beau discovered the sofa!

And then the bed.

And then how snuggly his new sister could be.

When his staples were removed and he finished each medication, Beau's big personality started to shine.  
Now, every day is something new!

Today, Beau has recovered and can easily out run us all! 
He is funny and full of sweet mischief. 
He is my constant companion and snuggles up with me at every opportunity.
I can not express the amount of happiness this little soul has brought into our lives.  
His resilience is unwavering and his zeal for life is boundless. 
All of us, to include Tippet, are completely in love with him.
We are so grateful that Beau's journey found a happily ever after as part of our family.
Thank you for all of your well wishes!

To be continued....

**Want to be as blessed as we are?
Check out Lucky Dogs' (and Cats!) website here.**


  1. I was on an emotional roller coaster going through your pictures. Almost crying by the time I got to Beau and Tippet cuddled in bed, then smiling when I got to Beau's big toothy smile. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Thank you Phyllis! I must say I've cried a few tears of my own!!

  3. This is so precious and wonderful! My husband and I have such a soft spot for rescue pets. I'm really thankful that y'all took in these two. :)


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