March 14, 2014

Army Wives

Catherine Bell and myself at the premier for season 6.

Whether you love it, or just love to hate it, Lifetime's Army Wives is returning to TV for a final appearance Sunday night, March 16.
  "Army Wives, A Final Farewell Salute" is a two hour wrap up of  sometimes realistic and sometimes ridiculous Army life at Ft. Marshall, SC.
The series is based on a non-fiction book titled Under the Sabers, The Unwritten Code of Army Wives by Tanya Biank.  Re-branded Army Wives, the show quickly took on a fictional life of its own eventually bearing little or no resemblance to the heartbreaking tragedies chronicled in the book.
You can read my earlier blog about my time on the set of Army Wives here.

Frances and I with my friend Tanya Biank at Ft. Leavenworth.
Tanya's new book, Undaunted: The Real Story of America's Servicewomen in Today's Military, has just been selected for the Air Force Chief of Staff's reading list. It is a must read about some amazing military women.

Chas and I in front of MG Clarke's quarters with Brian McNamara who plays LTG Holden.

Sitting at the Hump Bar, formerly known as Betty's, with my mom, my Aunt Frances, and Margie.

 The  Holden's quarters! Filmed outside on the old Navy base in Charleston, SC...the inside of these now abandoned  Navy quarters are completely empty.

The home office of MG Clarke. The photos, used as props on the set, are USMA pictures of my dad, my husband, and my son, Andrew!

 Chas looking at the photo of himself and Gen Petreaus photo shopped to add MG Clarke. The photo sat in his office at the 23d Infantry Division.

 Here are the shots together!

Margie sitting on the sofa in LTG Holden's home office and grabbing a fake bite to eat from the fake refrigerator in their kitchen!

A prop idea taken from our own quarters, the photo above was on the set of the Holden's home.

Officer's lodging at the Charleston Navy base became the headquarters of the 23d Infantry Division.

My Aunt Frances and Uncle Tom on the headquarters steps.

I will be definitely be watching Sunday night because I love the show and the many things Lifetime has done to support real life Army wives behind the scenes. I appreciate the issues they've raised and the care they've taken to portray those issues on television.
Army Wives and Lifetime, you get a big HOOAH from this real life Army Wife!

'Til next time!

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