December 24, 2013

We Believe in Santa

From Pinterest, I'm pretty sure he's the real Santa Claus!
 I still believe in the magic of Santa Claus.  At some point in time my children asked if Santa was real and even added they didn't believe in him. I told them this..
  Of course Santa is real! But, there is something you don't know about him... he has the power to make himself look different at different times of our lives.

When we are children, Santa Claus looks like a jolly man in a red suit making a wild sleigh ride across the night sky. 
When we get a little bit older Santa may look more like our parents. When we're even older...oddly enough Santa may look like our friends or even look like ourselves.
Whatever physical form he takes throughout our lives, rest assured that his spirit, the spirit of giving and loving unconditionally, is indeed real.
You just have to believe.

Happy Christmas to you and your family.
I hope Santa Claus is good to you this year, however he appears.


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