December 21, 2017

Quarters One Christmas Tour: Kitchen and Keeping Room

Thanks for stopping by for the final day of our Quarters One Christmas Tour! 
This is a look at our kitchen and "keeping room"...the room where the family comes together and spends most of our time.  
It doesn't hurt that there is a wet bar in the room as well!

I had a little neighborhood coffee and cookie get together, it was a nice morning! My sweet neighbor, Phyllis, baked the cookies!

In case you're wondering, that is a Christmas pumpkin...
I loved it so much I just couldn't bear to part with it!

My first attempt, ever, at a gingerbread house. The pieces came from an Ikea package and it is really a hot mess but it photographed pretty well!

Our hutch wouldn't fit in the dining room so it found a spot here in the keeping room.

The wet bar has just enough room for the one military print I allow in the house!

May your days be Merry and Bright!! 
With Gratitude, Shand


December 19, 2017

Quarters One Christmas Tour: Upstairs

I don't usually decorate upstairs for the holidays but this year was an exception.  I fell in love with this sign on a blog last year and ordered it right away.  Well, not reading the fine print, the unpainted letters came in the mail and I had to paint and took over a year to figure out how to do that...but I love the result.
It will stay up all year!
We have significantly reduced the number of bedrooms we have from 5 to 3.
For the two guests rooms, I chose winter and summer themes. 
I'm sharing the winter room today!

The second floor of this house really seems like an old farmhouse so it was easy to incorporate my latest style!

The curtains in this room are painters drop cloths from Amazon, they were 12$ each and they are 108-110" sewing required!

I literally plopped a lampshade on top of this unattractive sconce and viola...a fixture to be proud of!

I'll be back this week for one last share! Hope you enjoy the best week of the year!
With Gratitude, Shand

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