December 14, 2019

Hers...A Little More Christmas at the Beach

We aren't spending Christmas at the beach or the mountains this year.  As our children get older it's harder for them to come home and easier for us to go to them.  Last year we went to our daughter and son in law's in New Mexico and this year we will be with our new grandson in Tennessee!
I shared our porch here and our master bedroom here on the 2019 Holiday Tour of Homes hosted by 11 Magnolia Lane.  
Just a few more photos to share of the holidays at Lost Cay Cottage...

With Gratitude and the best Christmas wishes!

December 6, 2019

2019 Holiday Tour of Homes...our Master Bedroom at the Beach

Thank you, again to 11 Magnolia Lane and Evolution of Style for including me in the 2019 Holiday Tour of Homes! Hasn't it all been just amazing? If you've come from Heather at the Heathered Nest, welcome to Quarters One! Don't miss Amanda at Sincerely, Marie Designs next on the tour.  I'm in total awe of both of their beautiful homes...and all of the homes on this tour!

I don't know why but I've never decorated our master bedroom for the holidays.  The master in our military quarters was always just acceptable...but I love this bedroom at the beach.

I prefer a vintage sort of beach vibe in our house, I hope you feel that when you take a peek...

Every year I order a bay leaf wreath from McFadden Farm, they are always my favorite.  I usually hang it in the kitchen but here it is above our bed.
For the first time I also ordered garland, it's so pretty, even when it dries.

We refer to this antique German traveling shrunk
as the divorce shrunk because it had to be taken apart and put back together after each move. 
The process is a combination of Twister and Jenga....
and frustration.
Lucky for us, and our marriage, it has found it's forever spot right here!

I love, love a flocked tree. They look so pretty and romantic. 
I don't even think then need ornaments but I put a few vintage pieces on this tree in our bedroom.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
With Gratitude and Holiday Wishes,

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