December 7, 2017

Quarters One Christmas Tour: The Oyster Room

 Since this will be our first, and only, Christmas in these quarters I decided to share over a series of blogs and use more photos and less "talking"!
The first room I want to share is our sunroom.
My favorite room in the house was inspired by a bowl of oyster shells!
I hope you like it as much as I do!

A room with a view....

Faux mercury glass ornaments from Stuttgart, Germany adorne this tree, our family room tree will remain untrimmed since my son in law is deployed this Christmas.

Red is my signature color....
(isn't that a good phrase for something you use way too much of??!
and this room gets just a touch at the top of the tree.

I decorated this old bookcase like a mantle since we have only one fireplace in our current quarters.
(The original Q1 at Fort Riley had 5 and we had 2 at Fort Myer!)

My grand puppy, Scout, was rescued from a South Korean dog meat market by Animal Hope and Wellness...
isn't he precious?!

Hope you enjoyed this quiet tour! 
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With Gratitude,

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